Denim fever!

Get ready because it’s the denim fever! I have never heard anyone saying that they don’t love denim, it’s too mainstream or it’s out of fashion because bro, that ain’t happening anytime soon (or ever) I just love love love how wearing a denim shirt like a jacket can make you feel so good, style that’s turning head around as you walk! so I tried the basic ways (part – 2 coming soon) you can rock it and it’s all about denim!

Channeling my denim shirts with elegance, style and attitude, just the way it demands.  Adding some unicorn touch because why not, right?

  1. Off shoulder denim shirt.

Why should tops have all the fun, let shirts have some fun this time. When you feel lazy, just let one side drop and keep your head pop!

2. Knotting hills!

Well, you guys know I’m pretty fond of knots so how can i leave it behind! Tie a knot and “style se chalne ka”


3. Nerdy enough?

Not that I’m nerdy but I kind of like the nerdy look, it’s attractive. Just grab the perfect glasses, mandatory black tee, pair it by pulling up one side of your denim shirt and just tuck other in your jeans. Oh! don’t forget, be unicornical!

4. Babe.

In the end, you have to be the babe,your babe! Here i grabbed my denim jumpsuit and not your babe shirt, braids and sunglasses stealing the show! perfect look for evenings, concerts and more.

Keep that denim fever lit and shower your love a bit. I hope you guys like it, keep reading.

Pc – @clickoriesmotionpictures 

Clickories motion pictures


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