How to style palazzo

When summer wins the battle against winter it’s time to loose up your clothes! When I think about comfort during hot days, Palazzo is one thing that hits up. Palazzos are very comfortable, good looking and fits for all age groups.
You guys must have seen how I styled my Palazzo with kurtis and the look was stunning, obviously that’s one way you can style your Palazzo but there different ways to style your Palazzo as well. I have styled it in 3 different way, which you can use everyday. Keep reading for some styling session.

  • With shirt!

Recently, I’m kind of crushing over shirts and pushing it into everything (because why not!)
So I took my basic black Palazzo (which everyone should own) and styled it with checks white n black shirt (you can always go with some bright colours, they look amazing in the shining sun) and I simply tied a knot in between (you can also tie it as a crop top) To complete the look I tied my hair in classy bun and got my reflecting sunglasses. Ohh! not to forget that bad-ass Violet lipstick!

  • Eye catchy slogan tee

When you can make heads turn then why not. I took this cool words stripe Tees, it’s bit floating (I like that) so i just tucked it from front and tadaa, all set for my comfortable casual outing.

  • Spaghetti top!

When talking about summer how can one forget spaghetti tops, right? I got this black spaghetti top which describes my choice so perfectly and paired it with this funky yet so attractive lemon yellow Palazzo making it a high low top. I completed my look by styling my hair in half bun, my black shades and a ‘contrasting’ background.

So this is how you can rock your Palazzo – look. Let me know if you liked it and if you try any of these don’t forget to tag me!

pc – Clickories Motion Pictures

special thanks – Shruti khairnar




I hope you guys liked it, keep reading.


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