Nykaa skin genius foundation|Review 

I’m planning to start with videos which will include make up as well. NO, I’m not a pro (yet) I’m experimenting and learning so I thought why not do it together. So I don’t know all of sudden I’m obsessed with make up (happens with you also, right?) I feel like “can I have them already?” all of them look so precious but my major obsession is with foundations, they are making me go bonkers. Let me tell you that’s not a problem, I’m one of those girls who have oily skin and getting the perfect foundation is a task (who can relate feel the pain) 

 Recently, Nykaa launched their new foundation named as ” Nykaa SKINgenius” and like every other girl I was confused, should I buy this? Is it worth enough? And what not, even I stalked different Bloggers (yes, Bloggers do that too) to check their reviews but after a lot of thinking (or without thinking)  I pressed ‘place the order’ and tadaaa!! I bought myself a new foundation. If you are curious just like me then keep reading. 

Packaging – Nykaa skin genius foundation is packed in a small pink washed box when opened it has a bottle with a cute shape and colour combination of black and cream. 

Shades–  It’s an hydrating foundation which gives you radiant look  in 5 natural shades 

1. Pure Ivory 

2. Almond beige 

3. Warm sand

4. True tan

5. Golden honey

These are quite adaptable so it’s okay if you buy 1 shade up or down. I bought the shade 02 almond beige that matches my skin tone but I feel pure ivory 01 would be the perfect match but as I said it is easily adaptable so it is quite suitable and  gives me the natural look. 

Application – The bottle is a convenient squishy tube which I feel is bit quick to use. I pushed small amount of foundation on my hands and using my make up sponge I started blending. It was very smooth and easy to apply.  It didn’t look like a paste on my face. 

Effect – After applying the foundation it gave my skin a radiant shine with  a semi matt finish. It’s not a full coverage foundation but gives semi coverage which is good for daily use. It hides dark circles (more or less) and minor face spots which works for everyday. 

Is it waterproof

Amm.. It’s not waterproof but It won’t melt on your face as well. So you can trust this one. 

Conclusion – I would say this is a great foundation that lasts longer but not a really great one for girls like me who have oily skin. Can be used for short outing using compact for setting (oily skin) 

You should give it a try, it’s smooth, adaptable and affordable 

Price –  ₹575

I hope you guys like it. Keep reading and don’t forget to like and follow.


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