How to get the Banjaran look.

I always believe that we women are very strong and powerful, Aarrgghhh!!! And as they say, we represent the goddess “Durga and Laxmi, the sheer epitome of strength. But sometimes, being strong from within is not enough and you need to show it off. So how do we do it? Take a stand for ourselves, get self-dependent, getting our voice heard and why just mental strength and why not the way we look and wear.

So, when it comes to go bold and beautiful there is nothing I can think of but the “Banjaran” look. Banjarans are beautiful, living their life off the edge, travelling around the world and not to forget that attitude that surely is some inspiration. I have been yearning about this look and so I decided to do this look. I collaborated with the 5 frame studio (do check them out on Instagram and Facebook) and let me tell you I had one of the amazing team, and you will know when you see the pictures.

Being a Banjaran is about being bold from the tip to the toe. Your eyes and accessories do the talking here louder than your voice.

P.S: The dress was so intricately designed that I decided to skip off the additional accessories

Tying up the hair in a messy bun, I wore this beautiful scarf with a gem-piece around my head to add up to the entire look using it creatively as mangtikka bandanna. Lil play with the eye liner around my face, gave me an added intensity to the look, for which I won’t deny how captivated I was for the perfection of my smokey eyes that blended well with my nude lips

I paired my basic black palazzo with this bright red kurta printed in warli style and cool embroidery that acted as a neck-piece for the look. The golden bellie was just the cherry on the top (Let there be irony) that got me going with a perfect Banjaran look.


I hope you guys like it

I am tryimg different style, so comment below or DM me on my Instagram for the looks you would want me to try. Keep Reading.

Instagram – Thattallskinnygirl

PC: @5FrameStudio

MakeUP: @Cindrella_Makeup



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