Boho chic

Being a dimple girl I always get compliment that I’m cute * blushing * obviously that is a bonus for me but let’s be honest no matter how hot you are you love being cute and When I say cute the only style that pops up in my mind is boho. I just love and adore boho style, that’s something you can rock anywhere-anytime. The best part of being a boho chic is that you own all the awwwsome dresses (you see what I did there) sliver jewelleries and not to forget those hairstyles. I can be a boho chic everyday but you should keep experimenting.  I’m have been blogging for quite a time now so I thought let’s try few styles, so you know boho has to be the first one! 
I believe In savings, so I don’t really shop for every blog, i style from things I already own. Here I have taken my 2 favourite boho styles and styled them in a simple way so that very one can be a boho chic. Lets go! 
Boho look is incomplete without a hat so hat has to be there, it enhances the look making it more charismatic. For the first look i took my fluffy printed top and paired it with lined blue jeans, matching hat and pretty little neck piece! 

I like barbie hairstyle, it’s pretty, comfortable and effortless. Here for the second look I chose bell sleeves plain white Boho top and paired it with bright spaghetti top, black jeans and Boho neck piece with bit contrasting shoes (I love that colour!) 

You see, it’s that simple and lovable! Go and be your own kind of Boho chic and let me know more styles you would like to see. 

Hope you like this, keep reading. 


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