Good things come in small packages, for me that small happiness is accessories! Accessories are so important in life they are like cheesy dip to our garlic bread ( being bit foodie here) Even if you go out very casually, one accessory can change your whole look, so having fetching accessories is necessary. There are so many option that we often get super confused and always end up buying something we don’t need or don’t know what to do about them but don’t worry your partner is here to help you out. 

 I have listed 6 must have accessories in your wardrobe, yes! only 6 that can do wonders because I see bold accessories as a woman’s armour! 

 1.Good reflector sunglasses – Sometimes you just have to bite upper lip and put sunglasses on! sunglasses has some sassy vibes that sets you to be everyready. Apart from this they are super helpful when you don’t feel like wearing makeup. 

2. Bandana – 

Lit up your day with a Bandana. Show some girl power and let the world stare.

3. Classy Belt – 

Belt gives you a total different look. Belts can be used in a various ways so having one classy belt is something you must have and also be very wise with the colours. 

4. Statement necklaces – 

Compliment your outfit and make a statement with the best statement necklace because sometimes this is all you need in life.

5. Stunning Jhumkas – 

Jhumkas can never go out of Style. They are All-rounders. Wearing  jhumkas make you  feel confident and that Mastiwale feeling automatically joins in. 

6. Ethnic Clutch – 

Ethnic touch to your outfit makes you stand out in crowd and also give you that elegant charismatic look which all of us wish to have. 

These are the 6 essential accessories in your wardrobe. So, go fill your stock with the some amazing accessories. 

Also thattallskinnygirl owns a store so find some cool stuff from here.  Happy shopping, hope you like it, keep reading. 


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