Add a pinch! 

We girls go crazy over skirt,  shorts and all but love for ethnics,  its true!  “jo baat Indian mein hai vo  baki mai Kaha”. I’ve always been fond of ethnic wear because the Glam and the look can never be compared to the rest.  Adding a pinch can do wonders.  I paired  my kurta with different things that make it attractive without taking away my simplicity. 

 So here I have added few different pinch of colours, makeup,  accessories just like Cherry on the cake! It’s fine if you have Limited stock,  Few pieces here n there and you are  ready with your Masterpiece. let’s go! 

1. Matching mismatch! 

I am going bonkers over this look. mis-match was never so adaptable. The orange bandhani dupatta totally compliments the attire. Something I can carry and try everyday (of course the little style sense is needed for the combo)  Simple earrings and my beloved Bindi does the polishing. 

2. Just look in my eyes! 

To be honest and I was never in  favour of skirt and long kurta but when I tried this one I was convinced and I thought why not give it a shot. Perfect colour combo,  perfect makeup (drooling over my own eyes)  hair,  that cute perfect earring and my Swag. 

 You don’t always need to be extra,  1 pinch is enough!  like for the first look,  I mixed colours and the Dupatta was my pinch, for the second my eyes be it be the makeup or the sunglasses,  that one pinch adds a lot.  So girls! Add a pinch. 

 Have a amazing time twisting – turning things.  Hope you like it keep reading. 




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