Uses of tea tree oil  |Ryaal essentials 

Pimples are that category  friends with whom we don’t want to be friends with, but they are like the annoying people who wants to be your friend no matter what! For keeping them away we need to have a bodyguard for our skin and for that we have tea tree oil, which comes with many other benefits. I know, when you have oily skin it’s hard to believe that oil can helps you get good skin but we can always trust tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil helps you and protects you from tip to toe. Being your partner I always feel happy helping you with different things. Here I have shared few benefits from tea tree oil, I have used one from Ryaal essentials. 

1. For hair 
Tea tree oil is very good for hair growth and to get rid of dandruff. Add it with some good hair mask and apply thrice a month. Don’t worry,  I have also shared some home remedies

2. Pimples 

Tea tree oil is best when all you need is a clear skin. Don’t apply directly on your face (first apply on your hand n check if it’s suitable for your skin type). 

  • You can mix with rose water/aloe Vera and apply using cotton. Wash after 15 mins. 
  • Mix well with face packs. and again I have some home remedies. 
  • You can massage directly on your face as well (only if it’s suitable for your skin) 

3. Nails 

Girls or guys as well who like to grow their nails long   💅. Tea tree oil helps you grow them fast and healthy. Massage your nails with tea tree oil before sleeping. 

4. Skin

Tea tree oil can help you with good healthy skin. You can apply directly or mix with your favourite body lotion. 

I had good effective results, I hope this helps you out too.  Do try (with care) Get the glorious body you wish for and I would totally recommend Ryaal essentials oil

Happy reading, keep reading! 



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