3 tops to style your skirt with. 

Summer allows you to wear all sort of cute –  hot stuff and one of them is skirt, skirt are the cutest –  hottest at the same time. Who doesn’t love wearing them, if I could, I would have worn skirt all the time but never mind. They can make your day supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (heavy word) Here I have styled my grey velvet skirt with 3 different tops so that you can get some ideas. 

Make your summer delightful with 3 tops to pair your skirt with,  so that you have something new each time you wear a skirt. 

1. knotting tops

Slogan tees are in trend and this one is among  my favourite things I own. I just tied a knot in front and it gives a goofy look, so charismatic.  Make sure you pair the right colours together. 

2. Loose cool

Tucking in is so mainstream, let it out! This gives a different appealing look and this is something unique from our casual skirt style more comfortable,  looks endearing yet sensational. 

3. Off is bright. 

Off shoulders can make look anything gorgeous just like this.  From colour combo to the end look, everything is simply stunning. 

Skirt is always a win –  win. You can add a cute fetching accessories and of course an irresistible footwear. 

Hope you guys like it, keep reading. 



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