Tips for hair and skin that will make your holi A Happy Holi!

wp-1484509632881.jpgHey guys, so it’s holi time and i’m sure you guys are equally excited about it and why not, Holi hai yaar . It’s a festival of colours and we all love playing with colours but at the same time we are worried about the after effects – dull skin, damaged hair and so on. But you guys can chill, thattallskinnygirl has got your back, i will share some tips and remedies that will get you happy hair and skin even after playing holi, so let’s get started.

  • You guys must have heard “Precaution is better than cure” right, so the most basic and effective precaution you can take is that just apply any hair oil before hitting the ground (most preferably coconut oil as it won’t be sticky or stinky ) Oil is great when it comes to removing stains on skin. Oil won’t let the colours stick on your skin and you can remove it easily and ofcourse! it is good for hair.
  • “Malai” is another good option for skin. It will not only help you remove colours but will also leave your skin soft.

PS – you can use aloe vera gel before applying any of the above and don’t forget sunscreen!!

  • After playing holi for sure your hair will need treatment and yogurt gives the most effective yet affordable treatment and it’s available easily. Take yogurt in a bowl , mix it with water ( depending upon your hair length) squeeze one lemon and add one tablespoon of honey , blend it properly and apply it from scalp to tips, massage it and rinse it after 5 mins with shampoo.
  • This second treatment has never disappointed me and i totally love it! Take one white egg ( if you have long hair then take 2) add  one small spoon of olive oil & Castro oil, one lemon, yogurt and besan (gram-flour) mix them properly and make a paste (not thick, if needed add a bit of water/milk) apply  it all over your  hair and scalp and wear a showercap or cover it with any plastic bag and then rinse it thoroughly with shampoo after 15 mins.

PS – For more shine you can use white vinegar as a conditioner (dilute it with water)

  • We all hate dry skin and to get rid of that dry skin we keep looking for solution/remedies aur ab toh holi hai matlab hogaya kaam!  but here i got you a permanent solution. Orange peels can be your bestfriend if you keep them safe. you can use orange peels in two ways, you can either make a quick direct paste or you can make dry powder (this is more useful as you can keep it and use it as daily scrub  and use it as many times you want.) To make dry powder, place the orange peels in sunlight so that they can dry easily,after they are dried ,add some rose petals and blend them in mixer, take as much you want and (store rest in a container) mix with half tomato and rose water, then massage on your skin. Keep it for 5 mins then remove it in circular motion and wash it of.
  • For direct quick paste – take few orange peels add rose water, tomato and honey blend them in mixer, massage for 5 mins and wash it will love your smooth skin.

These are some tips and remedies that i believe in so this holi don’t restrict yourself  “yaar, holi saal me ek he baar aati hai“. Wishing you a very happy holi, Have a safe and colourful holi and try not to waste water.

I hope they help you like they do me, keep reading for more.


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