The Destination-wali Wedding Diaries


The wedding season has been on for a while now and a destination wedding, as we know, is on top of our marital terms today (and why not? we usually get to marry only once, right?). However, being able to marry just once cannot stop us from being hyped up over it, after all  what good are BFF’s, Friends, durrr k friends, chacha ke mama ke bahu ke bache, if they cannot invite you at their destination wedding. So here I am, lucky enough, to be invited in one and that does not end here, the destination was…… (drumrolls!!!!)…. GOAAAAAAA. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Things that got me hyped for this marriage were

  • It was a traditional Rajasthani wedding
  • Filled with lots of theme-based functions
  • In the blissful city of Goa

What more can one ask for!

So the day came by and we reached our destination, Hotel *******, the top-notch and among the grandest hotel in Goa (psst psst, no free promotion, evil grin). Upon arrival we were welcomed with the classic Marwari hugs while garnishing our eyeballs to some beautilicious decorations of the event. Although being a distant relative, I missed a lot of events, but I was sure the bag of awesomeness had plenty of wows in for me. wp-1488362983063.jpg

While we were getting settled in our rooms, I got to know the Bhaat function had started, and having never seen one, I had too rush in to know what it actually is. Decoding the event, Bhaat is basically a ritual wherein the brides mother feeds her brother cooked rice along with sugar, for which the brother provides her with gifts, golds and silver, cash, etc. Some expensive rice!! Well not really, the logic behind: For an Indian family, the daughter gets married away, while the Son inherits the family wholesome of family fortune. But in the end its the love and respect between the siblings that lasts, which is indicated in this ceremony. Dear brother!! Let there be love!!

Photobooth at Bhaat




Sondesh and Gajar ka halwa

Ps – I reached late so i missed the function but managed to capture exquisite decoration.

The evening was followed by the Sangeet Ceremony, which can be easily symbolized by 3 things: Ladies, beautifully dressed ladies, beautifully dressed ladies singing and dancing to the songs . And so I dressed up my attire for the day and headed for the eve, which literally left me with an awe!! Watching both the families perform for the Bride and Groom clearly indicated not just the efforts they all put into it but also the love, respect and understanding they had for each other. The entire ceremony made me imagine my own folks dancing on to my favorite tunes, ROFL! Later on, “Shukraan” the band touched our hearts with their romantic notes, which further led us to dance our hearts out as they paced up their tempo. Well, its the Sangeet, you gotto shake it like Shammi!!


The further events included The Ballroom party, The Youngsters Party, and The Beach party, which even made the oldest of the guests believe in “Umar Pachpan (55) ki Dil Bachpan ka”. The events were filled with well-organised and exciting games (for all), DJ, dance (Rain dance at beach <3), photobooths and whole lot of fun!!! The Bride and Groom were of course the show stoppers with all their elegance, but what made me shout my lungs out where the entrances, be it the bride’s gentleman ship as he brought her lady hand in hand to the ballroom or the Jeep Top entrance at the beach, everything was so awesome!!!


And finally, arrives “the night”, perhaps the most wonderful and emotional moment for one and all present- The wedding night! The Glamour, Excitement, Atmosphere everything was just on an another level, so much that I can’t really even put em in words. Every detail had been taken care of (my heartfelt appreciations to the organizers), the floral decorations, the lightnings, royal and gorgeously dressed up folks everything was perfect. Maybe the words cannot suffice the beauty, so better let the photos do the talking.


Pheras on beach,so dreamy ,right?
This mandap though!

In the end, I would say it was the most glamorous wedding I have ever been, something right out of a like a fairy tale. And as every fairy tale ends, I hope the Prince and Princess live happily ever after.

Oh! Btw,this is what i wore.



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