5 outfits to look simply beautiful! 

All of us often get confused, what to wear?  how to pair them? will it look good? and so on. This happens almost everyday with me. I’m a basic and lazy person at the same time so I always go for something that’s casual yet attractive. As said in my earlier blog http://wp.me/p8esla-k Make comfort your first priority while getting ready, It’s not necessary to always be dressed up heavy, sometimes it’s good to be simple, that’s way more comfortable. 

So I’ve 5 outfits for you guys to look simply beautiful. You can wear them for outings, college or random meet ups, they go with all. 

1. Very casual, very comfortable and looks good! Printed pants and plain tee. 


2. I don’t think off shoulder is going off any soon (pun intended) so just grab the cutest off shoulder top and you are perfect.

Ps- I myself made this off shoulder top from a old top

3. I say yes to black on black because black is love,once you wear black you never go back! 

4. Everyone must own a plain white top, it’s a must. I have this cute plain white top with fancy borders that I got from colaba and it looks great with everything.

Ps- pair it with good colour bag and cute shoes. 

5. When in doubt about your outfit just grab a cool jacket, shirt or shrug and you are good to go!!

* When you can’t find the right pair of jeans for your outfit, go for black, it fits well. 

So these are my 5 outfits to look simply beautiful also they are affordable and comfortable so just have fun!

Hope you guys like it, keep reading!

Photo credits – Shubham aware and shivani gujar


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