3 ways to style your shrug! 

Hey guys! so few days back i was staring at my wardrobe thinking what to wear (typical girly thing, right? ) so finally i ended up wearing a casual tee and shrug (jeans ofcourse) but then I thought, isn’t it boring to wear your shrug in the same old way? it’s too mainstream now. So I started trying it in different ways and I got three different ways to style it and I would  like to share it with you guys so that you can style your shrug in different ways and give your outfits new look.

It is perfect for those who like to wear backless or cut out tops, all you need is full sleeves shrug, pins (optional) and just rock it. 

Knot it out

 I simply love this one because it gives that ruffle sort look which is just amazing and looks classy. Just take your sleeves and tie it up, like I did. If you want you can pin it, I like to tie a knot, it looks different. 

Ulta seedha sab mast

Have you ever tried wearing your shrug  from front side? no?  then you must. This is my favourite way to style it. It comes with a twist, this is 2 in 1, it will look no less than a top and ofcourse a shrug! To add more glam to this you can wear a belt sort of thing just like I did it,  looks good but don’t tie it too tight, keep it a bit loose.

Up and up 

Wear it the usual way and from shoulder just pull your shrug upwards (from front side) and put it back side but don’t pull much, it should be comfortable around your arms. I like to keep in open from front but if you want you can pin it up.

This gives my outfit new look without spending much! Don’t let shrugs be boring to wear! Just go try to out! 

Hope you guys like it! keep reading.

Photo credits – Shubham aware and shivani gujar


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