One love, Shoes! 7 must haves. 

Girls! Don’t shoes make you happy? If you say no, then probably you are lying. I love shoes and I never miss a opportunity to buy one.

 Always buy footwears that would just want people to try them on, after all shoes are the first thing we notice,don’t we? 

So,here are 7 footwear all girls must have in their collections and be known for the best!


Sneakers are the best you can have for your feet.Oh! I simply love the way they easily get apt to anything,denims or shorts,trousers or skirts and not to  skip the comfort they provide. 

2.Mojdi / Kolhapuri

Think ethnic think Mojdi. Mojdi are authentic royal Foot friends that can enhance your elegance just like that!

 About Kolhapuri, your wardrobe is just incomplete without them.One of the coolest thing to wear, it looks amazing on your feet and gives you amazing look.I myself own three. 

3. Gladiators 

If you want people to watch you,wear these and you will look no less than a model.

That classy look, oh my my! I love them. 


Because why not! Boots are everything, you don’t need a reason to buy them,just grab them. Pair’em with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses and you will look amazing no matter what.(Mostly go with ankle length boots) 

5.Flip flops

Comfort at it’s best! Jeans, shorts, skirt – top, it goes with all sort.I don’t think I should say more and just stop. 

6. Bellies! 

Bellies are your daily buddies. They go with everything, jeans to saree everything.(Just make sure you match them right) I would suggest to have as many colours as possible as it goes with everything. 


 These sexy beast are best when it comes to looking hot.It doesn’t matter if you are tall or short it goes for all.They not only make your legs ola la but gives your body a proper structure and if you know how to walk in these, then baby! you are all set to put streets on fire!  🔥 

Don’t really think much before buying footwears because, they are very useful and just remember shoes are everything so if you like them, grab them because one can never get enough of shoes.

I hope you guys like it.Happy reading and happy shopping!


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