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People often say, I regret doing that,I regret buying that or I regret being with him or her but, what’s the whole point regretting later?  you are done with that so why make your life stressful and miserable by thinking about something that’s gone now!

I always feel there should be no place for regrets in your life, afterall life is all about experiments! and we should stop regretting about thing or people because, at some point of our life we wanted that thing to happen, we wished for it and that time, those things or that person made us happy even if it was for a moment.We should cherish that and be happy about the fact, because not everything makes us  happy, it’s rare. So, if that person or that thing made that possible for you then there should be no regret.  

Just know that everything comes for a reason and there are reasons for things to happen.So, just smile and be thankful because they make you learn new things and you  know what exactly you want and what not.

So just enjoy your life,let bygones be bygones, keep positive thoughts with you, live in the moment and smile.#notimetoregret

I hope you guys like it, keep reading 🙂 


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